About The Drum Machine Guy.

Hello and welcome! My name’s Dan Hewitt and I’m the Drum Machine Guy! On this blog I’ll be diving deep into the fascinating world of drum machines. Whether you’re new to the world of drum machines, an enthusiastitic hobbyist or an expericened drum machine veteran then I hope my corner of the internet will provide an informative and entertaining look at drum machines.

My love of drum machines started back in the day (September 1999 to be specific) when, inspired by an article in Future Music magazine issue 80, I headed into the West End of London to bag myself a Yamaha RM1x groovebox convinced that I’d soon be creating chart topping House records and appearing on Top of the Pops.

While the fame and fortune never really materialised, my purchase did form the backbone of 100s of banging dance tunes (or “awful rackets” as my mum called them) and kick started an interest in music technology that continues to this day.

On this blog I’ll be taking a look at every aspect of drum machines from the past to the present. Like most “electronic music” producers nowadays, my tools are split between the hardware and the software realm so I’ll not only be looking at hardware drum computers and grooveboxes but VST drum machine plugins and apps too.

As this blog develops I’ll be covering every aspect of drum machines and hopefully also finding the time to touch on music production and other gear too. Who knows – I might even dig out some of my old bangers from whatever CDs they were burnt onto and give them a new lease of life on here!