Behringer Edge: Everything we know so far.

Music gear manufacturer Behringer have released more information about their hotly-anticipated Edge synthesizer. Here’s a summary of everything we know so far:

What is the Behringer Edge?

The Behringer Edge is a semi-modular percussion synthesizer. Following in the now well established tradition of Behringer releasing affordable synths and drum machines that pay more than a cheeky homage to music making gear from other manufacturers, Edge clearly takes its inspiration from the Moog DFAM.

Is the Behringer Edge an analog synth?

Edge has a pure analogue signal path featuring dual VCOs (with pulse and triangle waves), oscillator sync, FM plus a pink & white noise generator.

What is the Edge synthesizer used for?

You can use Behringer’s pink synthesizer to create percussive sounds, kick drums and sub bass plus a wide gamut of electronic zaps, bleeps and noise bursts. The Edge synth can find a place in your electronic music making workflow especially if you lean towards techno, aggressive electronica or industrial.

Does the Behringer Edge have a filter?

The Edge synth features a 24 dB high/low-pass filter.

Does the Behringer Edge have built-in reverb?

The Behringer Edge does not have reverb or delay effects.

What Color is the Behringer Edge?

Behringer Edge synth features a striking pink face plate with wooden side panels.

Does the Behringer Edge have built-in speakers?

No it does not have built-in speakers. You will need to hook up your Edge to your studio monitors or use the headphone output (3.5 mm mini jack).

Does the Behringer Edge have a USB port?

The Behringer Edge features one USB port.

What is the Edge patchbay?

A 15 by 10 patch matrix (5 inputs and 10 outputs) at the top of the Edge synth allows for plenty of experimental sound design.

Does Edge have a step sequencer?

Edge features a dual 8 step sequencer giving you control over pitch and velocity.

How much does Behringer Edge cost?

Expect to pay around $219/£200/€229 to get your hands on an Edge synthesizer.

When is Behringer Edge launching?

Edge is expected to be launched in the first quarter of 2022.

3 Alternatives to the Behringer Edge:

  1. Moog DFAM: The DFAM (Drummer From Another Mother) semi-modular percussion synth boasts an easy-to-use analog sequencer, 24 patch points and a powerful sound that can knock your head clean off! Part of Moog’s Mother-32 family of synthesizers.
  2. Korg Volca Beats: Korg’s pocket rocket is a great sounding and affordable drum machine featuring six editable analog parts with one knob per function for easy editing. Battery-powered and boasting its own built-in speaker the Volca Beats is well worth the money.
  3. Behringer RD-6: While the Edge is a synth capable of more than just drum machine sounds, the RD-6 is a drum machine with one goal in mind: emulating Roland’s much loved TR-606. Retailing for under $120 it’s seriously good value for money – and even better value if you pick up a second hand model – but you are limited to the 606-esque sounds.

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