Behringer RD-9 Enhanced Mode explained

Behringer’s RD-9 Rhythm Designer drum machine is an analog drum machine inspired by the legendary Roland TR-909.

The RD-9 features a powerful 64-step sequencer, 10 drum voices, integrated wave designer, a dual-mode filter, and ‘Authentic’ and ‘Enhanced’ modes.

As you would expect, the RD-9 ‘Authentic’ mode delivers tones as similar to the TR-909 as Behringer could get but what exactly is the RD-9 ‘Enhanced’ mode and how do you activate it?

What is RD-9 Enhanced mode?

The RD-9 Enhanced mode introduces three new sound shaping tools that were not found on the original TR-909 drum machine. These three new controls are:
1. Bass drum pitch. Determines the frequency of the bass drum oscillator.
2. Bass drum pitch depth. Determines how much the pitch envelope affects the bass drum oscillator.
3. Hi hat tuning. Affects both closed and open Hi Hat tuning.

By adjusting the bass drum pitch and pitch depth controls you can cook up a wider variety of bass drum tones compared to a real TR-909.

Hi hat tuning is perhaps somewhat less useful than the new bass drum pitch controls but should you ever feel the need to use wildly pitched hats the option is there.

Adjusting these controls when in ‘Authentic’ mode will not have any effect on the sounds.

How to activate RD-9 Enhanced mode?

It’s quick and easy to switch between Authentic and Enhanced modes on the RD-9.

  1. Enter the ‘PREFS’ settings menu by pressing the ‘SETTINGS’ button (near the bottom right of the RD-9) and then press Step key 5 to access ‘PREFS’
  2. Find the ‘Enhanced Mode’ option by pressing the TAP/HOLD button
  3. Use the DATA knob control to turn ‘Enhanced Mode’ on.
  4. Press ‘SETTINGS’ twice to exit the settings menu.

How to turn off RD-9 Enhanced mode?

To disengage the RD-9’s Enhanced mode at anytime just:

  1. Tap the ‘SETTINGS’ button
  2. Press Step Key 5 to access ‘PREFS’
  3. Use the Data knob to switch Enhanced Mode off

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