Best Free Sample Packs to Download 2021

Where to download royalty free drum samples?

Thanks to the generosity of the good folk at Slate Digital you can now download all of their sample packs for free – and what a collection of absolute killer sounds, one shots and loops it is! This incredible offer won’t last forever so grab these free sample packs while you can.

How many sample packs are free?

Slate Digital are currently giving away 16 different sample packs covering a wide variety of music genres and themes including R&B, Hip Hop, Trap and EDM samples.

Free Vintage Drum Sample Packs from Slate Digital

Don’t miss out on the chance to get hold of Slate Digital’s Vintage Drums volume 1, 2 and 3. Volume 1 covers authentic drum samples from the 1980s era including the Linn Drum, Oberheim DMX and Roland TR-707, and more. Volume 2 is an awesome collection of royalty free Roland TR-808 samples including 808 kicks, snares and hi-hats. Last but not least, Volume 3 covers the TR-909 drum machine and features over 100 909 samples ready to drop into your own tracks.

Free R&B sample pack

If your tastes lean more towards the silky and smooth then check out Slate Digital’s free SATIN R&B sample pack. In total you get over 650 loops and one shots making this a genuine treasure trove of quality royalty free sounds for producers.

Free Pop samples pack

The Digital Slate Pasadena Pop sample pack features 500+ melodic guitar hooks, piano & synth loops, chord progressions plus live & electronic drum loops ready to form the backbone of your next pop hit!

Free Ambient Loops samples pack

Digital Slate’s Vibrations pack features 500+ samples for use in your ambient and electronica tracks. Explore other-wordly landscapes, cinematic atmospheres, and downtempo grooves with this royalty free sample pack.

Free guitar sample pack

Suitable for use in soul, hip hop, metal and rock, Digital Slate’s free Axe pack features 400+ expertly recorded guitar samples.

Free Lofi sample pack

The lofi sound is bigger than ever and if you want to get started creating lofi tracks then Digital Slate’s Aurora sample pack is an essential download. This free sample pack serves up more than 500 royalty free Lofi drum loops and one shot, vox samples and down tempo melodies dripping with vintage vibe & analog warmth. Listen out for the authentic breakbeats and drum fills dripping with vinyl character.

Free Seismic drum sample pack – download 800+ royalty free samples

Digital Slate’s Seismic drum sample pack is an essential drum sample pack whatever genre you’re working in. With Seismic you get more than 800 free one shot samples and percussion loops including darabuka, djembe and dhol sounds, hard-hitting snares & kicks and more. Whether you’re new to music production or on a tight budget this ready to use drum library will prove a vital supply of drum sounds for years to come.

Free Trap Sample pack

The Empress sample pack features 500+ royalty-free trapsoul samples – perfect for creating your next soulful trap hits, dark electronica, emotional film scores and more. As well as drum loops & one shots you’ll find tonal loops and melody stacks too. Listen out too for the gorgeous, soulful vocal samples. As a bonus, there’s even a selection of ready to use MIDI chord progressions.

Free Bass loops pack

For use in Hip-Hop, R&B, Lofi, EDM & Pop, the Basshole sample pack features 500 bass loops & one shots to power your next track. You get both direct & amped versions of all electric bass loops and massive 808 samples.

Free Vocal sample pack

Once you’ve got your drums and bass sorted it’s time to hunt out a killer vocal or two. The Omnivox Vocal Sample Pack is well worth downloading delivering as it does over 750 royalty-free vocal hooks, adlibs, runs & riffs. You even get both dry & wet versions of every raw vocal – amazing! Whatever music genre you’re working in you can never have too many vocal samples and this free selection is not be missed.

Free Hip-Hop sample pack

Hip-Hop samples are more popular than ever and the internet is certainly awash with a vast selection of free and premium hip-hop samples for hungry producers to hoover up. There’s no need to trawl the ‘net and dodgy websites in search of free hip-hop samples thanks to the generosity of Slate Digital and their free hip-hop sample pack featuring hard hitting drum one shots & loops, riffs and melodies, deep 808s, royalty free MIDI files and more – it’s everything you need to kickstart your next hip-hop track.

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Free EDM sample pack

The past couple of years have been a difficult period for club owners, promoters, DJs and clubbers globally but EDM continues to grow in popularity. If you’re stuck indoors and dreaming of a future in which people can freely gather once again then why not work on your next EDM dancefloor banger while you’re waiting?

The free Digital Slate EDM sample pack features 500+ samples including vocal chops & FX, dance floor ready drum loops, one shots and MIDI files.

Free 808 sample pack

The sounds of the Roland TR-808 remain as popular and vital as ever and thanks to Slate Digital you can grab a pack of 60 royalty-free 808 samples. This sample pack features classic 808 sounds recorded straight from a real 808 drum machine plus a selection of heavily saturated samples.

How to get free drum sample packs:

Slate Digital’s drum samples are 100% free. All you have to do to get access to the free sample packs is create a free Slate Digital user account and then download the packs of your choice.

Download the sample packs listed above from Slate Digital now.

Is Slate Digital Legit?

Slate Digital is a highly respected US based audio company specializing in authentic analog-modeled DSP software plugins including vintage EQs, compressors, tape machines, consoles, reverbs, delays and more.

Slate Digital have developed a range of Virtual Recording Studio products and microphone emulation software as well as providing free sample packs and tutorials for producers, artists, mixers and mastering engineers.

More free sounds for your projects: