Best Korg Volca Case

Recently I was on a quest to find a couple of sturdy cases in which to store my much used and abused Korg Volca Beats and Volca Kick drum machines. I was pleased to discover that GLIDE manufacture a sturdy waterproof case designed to keep all of the Korg Volca machines (Volca Keys, Beats, Mix, Modular, Drum, Volca Sample, FM, NuBass, Kick) safe and dry.

The GLIDE Volca case features a waterproof faux leather exterior surface which is enhanced with a tasteful diamond pattern while on the inside you’ll find is a lined (faux fur) interior and a mesh compartment in which to store any cables.

I now find it easier to transport my Korg Volcas in my backpack and there’s little chance of them being damaged when I’m on the move.

You can buy GLIDE cases from a number of online music gear retailers including in the USA and Juno Records in the U.K. Expect to pay around $30 bucks.

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