Free Roland TR-Editor Software

Roland’s TR-Editor software is now available for the TR-8S and TR-6S Rhythm Performer drum machines. If you own either drum machine then don’t miss out on this essential software.

What is the Roland TR-Editor?

TR-Editor is a Mac/Windows application for use with the TR-8S and TR-6S Rhythm Performers.

The TR-Editor runs on your desktop or laptop computer to give you a virtual TR-8S/6S interface with which you can design kits and sounds, eliminating the menu diving and page scrolling of the hardware units.

Via the TR-Editor interface users can access all the core kit and instrument parameters on a single screen as well as draw motion data and view all parameters for selected effects at once. There are also undo/redo options for easy revisions and trying out different ideas.

With the librarian window you can easily organize patterns and kits and access the complete TR library to find instruments and sounds.

The TR-Editor also makes it quick and easy to name and rename your hardware patches, kits and projects.

How to get the Roland TR-Editor?

Roland’s TR-Editor is available to all registered users of the TR-8S/TR-6S through Roland’s Cloud Manager, the software interface for Roland’s ever expanding cloud based library of virtual instruments, effects, presets and sample packs.

Is Roland’s TR-Editor free?

Roland’s TR-Editor app is available for free via the Roland Cloud Manager.

How to get started with Roland Cloud Manager?

Roland Cloud Manager is the app that lets you access your Roland Account, pick membership plans and access your collection of Roland instruments, patches and sounds. To get started with Roland Cloud visit the Roland Cloud Manager home page and then:

  • Download the free Roland Cloud Manager app (Mac/PC)
  • Create your Roland user account
  • Install the software
  • Install any cloud based instruments/sound packs you have purchased (or have been awarded by Roland or third parties)

How to try Roland Cloud for free?

Create a free Roland account and you’ll get a 30-day free trial of Roland Cloud Ultimate plan as well as Zenology Lite software synth, Zenbeats Music Creation Software and Zenology FX version 1.0.

Check the Roland Cloud website for full details, latest membership plans and more.

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