How to make a hip hop beat in ten minutes with vintage gear (Redlight X Yamaha SU700 video)

Watch as British DJ and music producer Hugh Pescod AKA Redlight takes on the FACT Magazine Against the Clock challenge. Can he produce a full beat in just 10 minutes? Redlight opts to make use of a vintage Yamaha SU700 sampler / sequencer and proves that there’s still plenty of fun to be had with classic grooveboxes (providing you can find one in good working order).

Redlight – Against The Clock

Who is Redlight?

Redlight is British DJ, Dance Music Producer and record label owner Hugh Pescod. Redlight has a background in the U.K. 90’s warehouse rave culture scene and a music career that has spanned over a decade.

Redlight’s label ‘Lobster Boy’ showcases an electic mix of his underground music influences including house, techno, hip hop, jungle, DnB, garage and bass music.

Redlight Set – The Lab London
Redlight set – The Lab London

What is a groovebox?

The term “Groovebox” was originally used by Roland Corporation to refer to its MC-303, released in 1996 and has since gone on to become a generic term for any self-contained electronic or digital musical instrument which combines sound generation capabilities (typically a drum machine, synthesizer or sampler) with a sequencer and a control surface (knobs, sliders, keys etc).

Classic grooveboxes do still have lots to offer modern producers who want to escape their DAW but modern grooveboxes such as MC-101 and MC-707 are going to be a better bet for most producers.

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