How to make beats in Renoise (video tutorial)

It’s easy to make beats with Renoise even if you’ve never used music trackers before. In the video tutorial below you’ll be walked through the steps of going from a blank song to a complete four on the floor style beat.

Follow this tutorial to learn how to browse for and load samples into your Renoise project, playing samples with your computer keyboard, recording notes in the pattern editor, placing different samples in different tracks, adjusting the tempo and how to save your finished beat.

Building beats in Renoise

Building a beat in Renoise video tutorial timeline:

0:00 – Intro.
0:18 – Starting with a new bank project.
0:35 – Using the Renoise Disk Browser.
1:35 – Playing notes with the computer keyboard.
2:06 – The Renoise Pattern Editor.
3:37 – Using different samples in different tracks.
7:47 – How to adjust the tempo.
8:36 – Saving your Renoise beat.

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