Korg Drumlogue: Launching Soon?

Back in January 2021 Japanese manufacturer Korg released the first details of their Drumlogue, an analog/digital hybrid drum machine with step sequencer, multiple outs and digital effects.

Check out the Korg video below for a brief introduction to the Drumlogue:

Drumlogue Introduction

Korg Drumlogue – Everything we know so far:

The Korg Drumlogue is a hybrid analog/digital groovebox. There are actually three different types of sound generation packed into the Drumlogue (digital synthesis, PCM sampling plus analog parts).

The Korg Drumlogue has the ability to load custom samples and third party content such as custom oscillators.

The Korg Drumlogue boasts individual outs, plenty of hands-on controls in the form of rotary encoders and Roland style x0x step buttons, a dedicated librarian for easy patch management, digital effects plus a “deep” sequencer.

From the video it looks like the Drumlogue boasts an OLED display too.

When is the Korg Drumlogue launching?

Since the release of their initial teaser video back in January 2021 we’ve heard nothing more about the Drumlogue. Korg stated that they hoped to launch the Drumlogue before the end of the year but maybe the pandemic has held up their plans.

3 Alternatives to the Korg Drumlogue

Based on what we know so far I have picked three drum machines you can buy right now all of which offer Drumlogue’s mixture of hands-on controls, step sequencer and analog voice generation.

  1. Korg Volca Beats Analogue Rhythm Machine. The cheapest drum machine on my list. Korg’s Volca Beats could very well be the Drumlogue’s petite mother. The Volca Beats boats a 16-step sequencer and 6 editable analog voices (or parts) including kick, snare, Hi / Lo toms and open & closed Hi-Hats. The Volca Beats also has an additional PCM engine for lofi percussion type sounds including clap, claves, agogo and crash sounds.
  2. Arturia Drumbrute Impact. From French manufacturer Arturia, the Drumbrute Impact features 10 analogue sounds (Kick, Snare 1, Snare 2, Tom Hi, Tom Low, Cowbell, Cymbal, Closed Hat, Open Hat, and FM Sound) plus an optional Colour sound-shaping effect on all sounds (except the Cowbell). The Drumbrute Impact features a 64 step sequencer and master output plus an optional individual output for Kick, Snares, Hats and FM Sound.
  3. Moog DFAM Semi Modular Analogue Percussion Synthesizer – more than “just” a drum machine, Moog’s mighty DFAM (Drummer From Another Mother) synth is a powerful semi-modular synth geared towards percussive sounds, rhythmic pulsations and resounding basses. The DFAM features a built-in sequencer, 24 patch points for sound design and a selectable LP/HP filter for sound sculpting.

If you’re looking for a drum machine for making techno then you might also be interested in my guide to techno drum machines that cost under $350.

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