Korg Volca Sample Editor VST

Korg’s nifty little Volca Sample continues to be a hit with producers thanks to its low price and instant fun factor.

Want to take your Volca Sample to the next level? Grab a copy of Momo’s Volca Sample Editor plugin and you’ll have direct access to all of your Volca Sample parameters plus the ability to save their states as a Preset Data File that you can load back into your Volca Sample at any time. You can save parts and drum kits.

Best of all, fire up a VST instance in your DAW of choice and you can record the controller movements and save it into your DAW Project. 

The plugin gives you access to the hidden parameters of the Volca Sample 2: ” Sample Start Delay” , “Sample” and ” Reverb Mix”.

The Momo Volca Sample Editor is available for PC as VST / Standalone 32/64 bit and for MAC as VST / AU / Standalone 64 and MAC-M1 and costs amere 6,90€ Euros/$ 7,90 US Dollars (purchase direct from Momo’s website.)

Watch the video below to see the Momo Volca Sample Editor in action.

Volca Sample Editor VST plugin running in Ableton Live

Alternatives to the Momo Volca Sample Editor

If you want to look at alternative Volca Sample editors then check out Vosyr – this freeware Volca sample manager app by frederikson-labs.com runs on Windows and Mac. With the Vosyr app you can easily add WAV and AIFF files, manage all 100 of your Sample sounds at a glance plus edit sample parameters, create patterns and motion data and much more.

Another app to try is the SampleRobot Korg+Wave app. This software offers sample export functionality for various Korg products including the Volca Sample, microSAMPLER, Kronos and the Pa4X.

Momo Volca Editors

If you have other Volcas in your studio then be sure to check out the other awesome Momo Editors:

Links above will take you to the Momo editor info pages. All the Momo Editors come in VST and Standalone for PC and Mac 32/64 bit formats.

I’m not sure who Momo is beyond the fact he/she is a prolific developer with lots of great controller and editor apps on their website including a fantastic OP-Z controller and editor for PC/Mac in VST/AU plugin and standalone formats. It gives you direct access to the cult synth’s ‘hidden’ parameters.

Fire up the OP-Z controller and all eight OP-Z’s tracks are displayed on a single screen giving you a full full overview of your projects. You can select projects and patterns directly from the editor, and all controllers can be automated in your DAW of choice.

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