Make Beats with the Mimic Sampler in Reason

Reason Studio’s Mimic is one of the most powerful devices to appear in the Reason rack in recent years. It’s a powerful tool which opens up a wealth of new creative sampling and sound manipulation possibilities.

With four different sample modes to explore plus automatic transient slice detection, effects, filters and more, Mimic can warp any audio files you care to throw at it. Best of all, Mimic is easy, fast and fun to use.

If you want to learn how to make your own beats using Mimic then watch the series of videos below for essential tips and inspiration.

Mimic Beatmaking Episode 1 with The Arcitype & Jonathan Ulman:

Kick off the Mimic tutorials with Producer The Arcitype who shows how to create a complete beat using nothing but a vocal sample and Mimic’s sound manipulation tools.

Mimic Beatmaking Episode 2 with Lightfoot:

Mimic Beatmaking Episode 3 with Grammy award winning producer Audio Anthem:

Mimic Beatmaking Episode 4 with Marc Mathias

Mimic Beatmaking Episode 5 with Seige Monstracity:

Mimic Beatmaking Episode 6 with Fresh Kid Blaze:

Is Mimic included in Reason 12?

Mimic Creative Sampler is available to use when you subscribe to Reason+ and it is also included with Reason 12 DAW which can be purchased outright (no monthly subscription fee).

You can read more about Mimic on the Reason Studio’s website. You might also like to read my guides to Reason’s beat making tools and grab some of the best free sample packs to get started with.

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