What is Elektron Overbridge 2?

At its core, Elektron’s Overbridge 2 software lets you connect compatible Elektron hardware devices to your computer, stream multi-channel audio from your hardware via USB into your DAW and tweak hardware settings directly via a VST (or AU) plugin interface.

Is Overbridge 2 Free?

Elektron’s Overbridge software is free to download when you purchase certain Elektron hardware.

Which Elektron devices are Overbridge compatible?

At the time of writing the following devices come with Overbridge compatibility:

  • Digitakt
  • Digitone
  • Digitone Keys
  • Analog Rytm (MK1 & MKII)
  • Analog Heat (MK1 & MKII)
  • Analog Keys
  • Analog Four (MK1 & MKII)

Back up and recall your settings with Overbridge

With Overbridge 2’s ‘Total Recall’ you can instantly store all your project and instrument settings inside your DAW for quick recall when you fire up your DAW project at a later date.

You can use your computer and Overbridge to save and organize presets, samples, kits and projects without having to rely on the hardware’s small screen and – often tedious – menu diving.

With Overbridge installed on your laptop or desktop computer, it becomes so much easier to manage the sounds and projects on your Elektron hardware.

Can Overbridge plugin record automation in a DAW?

Yes it can! You can use your Elektron hardware plugin interface to record automation into your DAW or draw in the automation with your mouse, just as you can with any other plugin. Play back your track and your hardware responds to the automation – it’s like magic!

What is Elektron Overhub?

Overhub is a USB hub, with support for USB 3.0, specifically made for Overbridge enabled hardware. Overhub lets you intergrate multiple (up to 7) Elektron instruments at the same time, all powered by Overhub. Elektron’s Overhub features ‘MTT technology’ for stable and efficient merging of multiple full speed USB audio streams.

Do I need Elektron Overhub?

If you are only using one Elektron machine with Overbridge, over USB, such as the Analog Rytm, then you do not need to purchase the Overhub. Overhub is best for producers and musicians with several Elektron units working together and where timing is critical (such as in live performances).

Read more about Overbridge 2 on the Elektron website.

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